Help Students Win NIH Fellowships

Learn about our proven approach

Join us for a short informational session about Brainsteering and our NIH F-Series Course taught by expert Andrew Hollenbach.

Andrew literally wrote the book (A Practical Guide to Writing a Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Grant) on winning these fellowships based on his insider knowledge of the F-Series programs, how these applications are evaluated, the biases inherent in the reviews, and the information required for a successful NRSA application.

Besides developing a compelling application, students can use the course to jumpstart their thesis proposal. They'll learn writing techniques that improve all their scientific communication.

I hope you'll join us - I'll extend a tuition discount to anyone that attends!

Presented by


Alan Paul

Alan worked in research and proposal development at the University of California for 15 years before retiring. He developed this approach at UC Riverside in 2012 and expanded it in partnership with two university writing centers. 


Andrew Hollenbach

Co-Director of LSU School of Medicine Science Curriculum. Andrew has personally coached over 100 students and served on many NIH study sessions.